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​​​​Welcome to the Center for the Study of

​​Gender-Based Violence



Studying domestic violence in Delaware

Undergraduate students supported a research team's community interviews

Arts & Humanities Faculty Fellows named

Women and Gender Studies faculty member Emerald Christopher-Byrd is among the inaugural recipients of this new program.

2022 Ken Haas Outstanding Alumni award

Domestic Violence Prevention Services (DVPS) graduate Katrina Manierre was given the Ken Haas Outstanding Alumni Award on April 22, 2022.

Equitable Approaches:
Addressing Gender-based Violence Through Scholarship, Advocacy, and Activism​

The Center for the Study and Prevention of Gender Based-Violence at the University of Delaware is hosting its inaugural national conference, “Equitable Approaches: Addressing Gender-Based Violence through Scholarship, Advocacy, and Activism” September 27-29, 2023,​ in Newark, Delaware.​


As a scholarly community aimed at understanding and ameliorating the causes and effects of gender-based violence, the Center for the Study and Prevention of Gender-Based Violence supports faculty fellows, post-doctoral scholars and graduate and undergraduate research assistants.​

Professional​ Development

The Center provides training to students and professionals for victim-service work and prevention practices, hosts an annual advocate-in-residence and provides career development opportunities for both students and professionals in the field.


The Center sustains public engagement and collaboration with regional and national practitioners by partnerships with national gender-based violence organizations, offering robust public and campus programming through major events and placing University of Delaware students in local and national service organizations for professional practicums.