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A blue rectangle with white and yellow text that reads "OUR VOTE. History Advocacy Justice." There is a yellow border with the text "#OurVoteUD

OUR VOTE is a three-semester teaching initiative providing students and the campus community with events, courses, and engagements to mark the 100th-year commemoration of the 19th Amendment (women's suffrage) and the 150th-year commemoration of the 15th Amendment (black suffrage) and the role of democratic processes, social activism, and civil-rights organizing in the U.S. and beyond, past and present. 

This initiative focuses on and illuminates the impact of social justice advocacy, the democratic process, and laws which both advance and restrict rights of citizenship and political access nationally and worldwide. The three semesters coincide with the 2020 U.S. presidential election, allowing the University multiple opportunities to reflect upon and inform the student and campus community issues of justice, human rights, the power of voting, and social and political inclusion and exclusion in contemporary life everywhere.

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