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Women and Religion Minor

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The Department of Women & Gender Studies is pleased to announce the launch of its new minor, Women and Religion.  This interdisciplinary 18-credit minor is ideal for students interested in examining the ways that beliefs about gender and sexuality have been formed, transmitted, and practiced through global religious traditions. Students will develop models for understanding how the gendered practices within religious laws and customs limit or generate agency and social power.  They will explore the role that religion plays in shaping family, marriage, and sexuality, and in turn, how these factors structure political, economic, and social life.  The Women and Religion minor will cultivate an understanding of the way women through history and in contemporary contexts emerge as social and spiritual leaders in domestic life, sacred spaces, and the public sphere. Coursework will focus on sacred text, image, religious practices, and theology through the lens of women's lives and spirituality.

CURRICULUM: Students are required to take a total of 18 credits9 required and 9 electives.

PHIL 204World Religions3
WOMS 210Women and Religion3
WOMS 403Capstone in Women and Religion                       3

ELECTIVES:  (9 credits): Students must choose 3 of 4 courses from a list of electives below:

JWST 303
Women in Judaism
ANTH 316
Islam and Gender
WOMS 339
Women in Christianity
PHIL 360
The Feminine in Asian Thought

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Women and Religion
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